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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, I am Toad Hopper, an AVID Nancy Drew fan. This is my 3rd walkthrough, because I have played and beaten every Nancy Drew Game out there so far and I know that sometimes it really sucks to get stuck and not know what to do. I know that thorough walkthroughs are limited and you have to search so many different sites to get the information you need. I also know that it would be super convenient to have a thorough walkthrough just on one site. So I decided to do my 3rd walkthrough due to the response to my last blog, Trail of the Twister and my 2nd blog, Secrets Can Kill: REMASTERED by the general public. I took a lot of time and have put this walkthrough together to the best of my knowledge and actually had a lot of fun doing it. I am also fairly new to blogging. So I hope that I can set this up so it is easily accessible as well as organized. I would appreciate any feedback good or bad and I will do my best to make any changes. I also encourage you to let me know if I am missing anything, or if you know of any other cheats/hints that need to be inputted. If this walkthrough is a success, I may post walkthroughs of other needed Nancy Drew games at your request. Thank you for your feedback, hope this helps.


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